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Sketch by William Stone - Convicts at Work 1867 003100d
Sketch by William Stone - Convicts at Work 1867

The records of the Convict Establishment (see Agency 442) provide a wealth of information on convicts, both those transported from England and those convicted in Western Australia. Many of these records are detailed in Gillian O'Mara's Convict Records of Western Australia: a research guide (929.1072 OMA) and as a first step to tracing convicts in Western Australia  this book should be consulted, as it sets out how to search records in Western Australia and England.

Among the most useful records are the Convict Lists and Registers (ACC 128), the Occurrence Books for various convict working parties (ACC 1156/Occ 1-27), Registers of Casual Sick, Medical Registers and Journals, the Convict Registers (ACC 1156/R1-R33) and Receipts and Discharges of Prisoners (ACC 1156/R&D 1A-9B). Explanations and detailed listings of these records can be found in Convict Records of Western Australia: a research guide, AN 358 and Agency 442. Also of use are the Supreme Court records (see Agency 44 and Order in the Court) as many Supreme Court records relate to convicts.

Some Colonial Office despatches (ACC 41) list convicts in shipping consignments by their name, borough and date of conviction. They can also be used for locating profiles of convicts not listed in the Convict Registers (ACC 1156/R1-R33) but the convict number is not given. Relevant Colonial Office despatch volumes are Vol. 20 (for the Pyrenees), Vol. 21 (for the Minden), Vol. 22 (for the Marion), Vol. 23 (for the William Jardine), Vol. 25 (for the Dudbrook), Vol. 27 (for the Pyrenees), Vol. 29 (for the Sea Park), Vol. 31 (for the Ramillies), and ACC 391, Box 42 (for the Mermaid).

Many police and court records refer to convicts, not only those transported from England but also those convicted in Western Australia. Records relating to ticket of leave holders can provide convict number, name, date of arrival in district, employer's name and address, ticket holder's address, date and departure from district and where departed to. Other records found are:


Albany Road



  • ACC 1230: Geraldton Courthouse. Tickets of Leave 1872-1886
    These are actual tickets of leave and give name, convict number, age, height, physical characteristics, marital status, distinguishing marks, employment history.


  • ACC 240/30: Guildford Police Station. Register of Ticket of Leave Holders in the Swan District 1866-1881


  • ACC 418/15: Kojonup Police Station. Ticket of Leave Register 1881-1891
    Also has list of expirees and suspected persons in district.


  • ACC 1181: Nominal Roll of Convicts employed at the building of the Perth Town Hall 1867-1870

  • ACC 3301/1-4: Perth Police Court. Ticket of leave grants 1862, 1867-1868, 1888

  • ACC 3301/5: Perth Police Court. District transfers 1865, 1882-1885

  • ACC 1386/242: Perth Police Court. Alphabetical Index of convicts
    Index to ACC 1386/1-6 (described in Gillian O'Mara's book).


  • ACC 367/17: Pinjarra Police Station. Register of Ticket of Leave Holders in the Murray District 1852-1900


  • ACC 3314/4: Vasse Police Station. Ticket of  Leave Register for the Sussex district 1864-1894


  • ACC 127/5: Toodyay Courthouse. Sentences Register - Northam and Toodyay 1857-1861 and Ticket of Leave Holders 1857-1861

  • ACC 422/71: Toodyay Police Station. Ticket of Leave Holders reporting at Newcastle 1887-1903

  • ACC 721/30: Toodyay Courthouse. Ticket of Leave Register 1862-1863

  • ACC 721/31: Toodyay Courthouse. Ticket of Leave Register 1863-1870

  • ACC 721/32: Toodyay Courthouse. Index to Ticket of Leave Registers 1863-1870

  • ACC 721/33: Toodyay Courthouse. Alphabetical Index to Ticket of Leave Holders 1864-1870

  • ACC 721/46: Toodyay Courthouse. Records of engagements, passes, convictions and transfers of Ticket of Leave Holders 1861-1870 and Record of Conditional Pardons 1863-1869


  • ACC 3313/44: Vasse Police Station. Convict Register - Convicts transferred from Sussex District 1862

  • ACC 3313/45: Vasse Police Station. Prisoners in Vasse gaol 1873-1894

  • ACC 3314/1: Vasse Police Station. Register of Ticket of Leave Holders in district 1855-1860

  • ACC 3314/2: Vasse Police Station. Half-yearly returns of Ticket of Leave Holders in district 1860, 1870-1871, 1876

  • ACC 3314/3: Vasse Police Station. Ticket of Leave Register 1861-1878


  • ACC 1008/2: Williams Police Station. Occurrence Book 1881. Includes list of Ticket of Leave men



Please also consult the State Records Office website guide – Convict Records (some duplication may occur). The guide is meant to provide an indication of  the scope of information held in the State Records Office, and is not exhaustive.

Also see headings Court Records, Criminals, Police Department, Supreme Court, Prisoners and Fremantle Prison in Government Archival Records,  Convicts and Criminals in Private Archives and Police Gazettes.

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