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Memorials & Petitions

Memorials and petitions are usually presented to the government (State or local) and can relate to a variety of subjects. They can be by a single person or contain many names and are usually signed by the person. You can search in The Catalogue using the keywords ‘memorial inhabitants’ or ‘petitions’ (note: if you search for the word petitions, the word competitions also comes up as a match. There is no way to circumvent this at present). The search using the keywords  ‘memorial inhabitants’ will yield memorials from the inhabitants of Toodyay (1857), Beverley District (1859), York District (1859), Serpentine District (1859), Albany District (1859), Victoria District (1869), Guildford (1886) and Roebourne and Cossack (1870).

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Page last updated: Monday 16 November 2015