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Mines Department

It may be worthwhile checking through the listing of Mines Department files (see AN 350 and Agency 16) to find information on various aspects of mining in Western Australia. The files commence in 1892 and the most important of them are: applications for gold mining leases (often the name of the mine is given in the listing, but not the name of the person applying), applications for other mineral leases, applications for miner's rights, staff appointments and applications for positions, warden's reports, rewards for gold discoveries, deaths and suicides on goldfields, mining accidents and personal files.

Mines Department records also contain early Registers of leases and lessees, Registers of prosecution, Registers of gold buyers and dealers, Registers of assayers and Mining Wardens' records such as Registers of miners' rights, Registers of various business licences, Exemption Registers, Transfer of leases Registers etc.

Please also consult the State Records Office website guide Mining Records (some duplication may occur). The guide is meant to provide an indication of the scope of information held in the State Records Office, and is not exhaustive.

See also headings Miners Rights & Leases, Mine Managers and Mining Accidents.
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Page last updated: Tuesday 12 January 2016