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Railway Employees

Railway Construction Workers 1916 011851d
Railway Construction Workers 1916

AN 260 contains a complete listing of the Records of Service Registers for the Audit Branch (ACC 2628), Chief Mechanical Engineer's Branch (ACC 1753), Commissioner's Office (ACC 1752), Electrician's Branch (ACC 1749), Locomotive Branch (ACC 1747), Miscellaneous (ACC 1754) and Railway Stores Branch (ACC 1750).

These Registers cover 1876-1908, though not all Registers cover all of this period. Information provided in the Registers can include name, date of entering service, date of birth, marital status, date of entering branch, designation, salary, increases, transfers, fines, resignations or dismissals, holidays due, leave taken, passes issued, sick or special leave.

Also to be found in AN 260 are the Indexes to the Records of Service Registers for the Ways & Works Branch 1880-1912 (ACC 1746/1), Chief Mechanical Engineer's Branch 1899-1901 (ACC 1746/2),  Locomotive Branch 1881-1898 (ACC 1746/3), Registers of Casual Employment 1919-1934 (CONS 2629/1-13) and Relief Workers 1933-1946 (CONS 2629/14-15).

AN 260/11 is an alphabetical index> of Railway Staff Journals compiled by Rosemary Downing covering the Commissioner's Office 1896-1907 (ACC 1752), the Electrical Branch  1894-1905 (ACC 1749), the Locomotive Branch  1898-1903 (ACC 1747) and the Permanent Way Branch  1894-1911 (ACC 1750). This lists the Accession number, volume and folio number, name, date of first appointment, age at time of first appointment, position, location, date record goes to. It has also been microfiched (see section Indexes and Catalogues for more details).

The following records are listed in the Series Registration System:

Please also consult the State Records Office website guide – Railway Records (some duplication may occur). The guide is meant to provide an indication of the scope of information held in the State Records Office, and is not exhaustive.

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