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Settlers 1920s

Police Station Records often include the names of settlers visited by the police in the course of their duties, especially late in the 19th century and early in the 20th century. These records generally include the name of the settler, occupation, place of residence, date of visit, by whom visited and the number of miles from the Police Station. Other reports of visits may be found in Police Department unregistered files in CONS 129 and CONS 430. Records found are:



  • ACC 417/25-26: Dongara Police Station. Return of settlers visited 1871-1888 and 1893-1906
    The second volume contains a list of settlers residing in the district in September 1893.


Fields Find

  • ACC 755/4: Fields Find Police Station. Report Book
    Includes returns of settlers visited 1894-1905.



  • ACC 385/21: Greenough Police Station. Register of settlers visited 1893-1903


  • ACC 240/26: Guildford Police Station. Register of settlers visited 1888-1897



  • ACC 665/6: Mingenew Police Station. Returns of settlers visited 1893-1907

Mount Barker


Newcastle see also Toodyay

Northam see Toodyay

Stanton Springs

  • ACC 371/6: Stanton Springs Police Station. Record of settlers visited 1873-1875


  • ACC 422/14: Toodyay Police Station. Rough Occurrence Book 1902
    Includes index to settlers in Newcastle, Northam and Victoria Plains, also list of men and women over 21 in 1899.

  • ACC 422/75-76: Toodyay Police Station. List of settlers visited 1872-1877, 1883-1894


  • ACC 3313/56: Vasse Police Station. Settlers visited 1869-1871, 1894-1895

Victoria Plains see Toodyay



  • ACC 1141/78: York Police Station. Return of settlers visited 1868-1879

  • ACC 1141/81: York Police Station. Alphabetical list of settlers 1878


  • ACC 1440/1: Youndegin Police Station. Occurrence Book 1887-1888
    Includes return of settlers visited 1884-1885.
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