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Aboriginal People

Baptising Aboriginal People at Kalumburu Mission 1927 000950d
Baptising Aboriginal People
at Kalumburu Mission 1927

The United Nations has determined that the term Aboriginal people is the correct term for Australian and Canadian Aboriginal people only. Where possible this term has been used throughout this book. Aboriginal Australians may now find the terms “Aborigine(s)” or “Aboriginal(s)” offensive, so wherever possible the term Aboriginal person or people has been preferred. However, if those terms are used in the name of an Agency, or in a record series or item title, they have been left to preserve historic context.

New Norcia

Forrest River Mission

Other Forrest River Mission records may also provide the names of Aboriginal people. For a full listing of records see MN 545.

Mogumber Mission

  • ACC 2582A/1-3: Mogumber Mission. Register of Baptisms 1954-1976 (Vol 1) and Marriages 1968, 1970 (Vol 2) and 1964-1976 (Vol 3)
    Shows name, when baptised, when born and where, parents name, occupation and residence (for baptisms) and names, occupations, addresses, conjugal status, place and date of birth, parent's names (for marriages). This includes the staff of Mogumber as well as Aboriginal people. Mogumber records can be found in MN 172.

  • CC 4444A: List of Aboriginal people and staff at Mogumber Mission 1948-1950
    Compiled by Mr & Mrs A.E. Mort - see MN 1410.

The Uniting Church is currently indexing the Mogumber records for the names of all children who were at Mogumber. This index is kept at the Uniting Church Archives and is restricted. For access please contact:

Uniting Church Archives
 91 Edward Street, Perth.
 Post GPO BOX M952 Perth WA 6843
 Phone: (08) 9260 9800
 Fax: (08) 9227 6416

Sister Kate's (later Manguri)

  • ACC 3179A: Sister Kate’s (later Manguri)
    Also ACC 4188A, ACC 4931A, ACC 4956A and ACC 6486A. The Battye Library holds an extensive collection of records relating to Sister Kate’s, many of which will provide the names of Aboriginal and part-Aboriginal children who were there. Of especial interest would be ACC 6486A/5-284 – personal records and ACC 6486A/2-3 – admission registers 1940-1954 and 1956-1982. For a detailed listing of records see MN 957. A partial listing can also be seen online. All Sister Kate’s records are restricted and permission to view must be obtained from the Uniting Church (see above).


Also see heading Aboriginal People and Missions in Government Archival Records.

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