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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1994

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1994 Winners

Premier's Prize

Peninsula - Dorothy Hewett
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Dorothy Hewett's Peninsula is a remarkably powerful collection, elegiac, wise and passionate by turns, with a unique gift for language which conveys strong feeling.


Letter to Constantine - Joan London
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Joan London in Letter to Constantine draws complex narrative lines that hook the reader in, requiring work of the reader to keep up with its twists and turns. Moving, deeply felt stories by an important writer who is assured and sophisticated.


Peninsula - Dorothy Hewett
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
See notes for Premier's Prize

Historical & Critical Studies

Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia - David Horton
Aboriginal Studies Press
The Encyclopedia of Aboriginal Australia is a unique and invaluable reference book, serving well scholars and those interested in all aspects of Aboriginal life, produced in a visually beautiful format.

Children's Books

Rosa's Famous Elbow - Mike Lefroy & Peter Kendall
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Rosa's Famous Elbow is a book for reading aloud to young children. Mike Lefroy's simple story line has real strength and point, and is wonderfully complemented by Peter Kendall's vibrant illustrations which make immediate overall impact and are full of clear detail and humorous touches.

Special Award

Summer Shorts - Peter Holland
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
In compiling his very eclectic collection of stories, poetry and graphics, Summer Shorts, Peter Holland has succeeded in coaxing memorable contributions out of new, unexpected and expatriate Western Australian writers. The standard of writing and production is uniformly high.

GIO Australia - Perth Theatre Trust Script Award

Meekatharra - Lois Achimovich
Black Swan Theatre Company
Lois Achimovich's Meektharra is an appealing script, its characters strongly written with poise and grace. It is a straightforward play with a strong plot that works well, uncovering layers of emotional meaning.

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