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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1995

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1995 Winners

Premier's Prize

Radical Take-offs - Glyn Parry
Allen & Unwin
Glyn Parry's Radical Take-offs is a versatile collection of short stories whose range of storylines will absorb young adults. The deft control of idiom and structured prose admirably captures the tone of adolescent bravado and half-acknowledged anxieties.


The World Waiting to be Made - Simone Lazaroo
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Simone Lazaroo's The World Waiting to be Made is a warm, witty and moving story of cultural differences and personal conflict in reconciling traditional customs with present realities. Written in a clear, consistent style, this novel portrays the lifestyle of people known as the "In-betweens". It is a tale of irony and sadness in which some vital and memorable characters emerge.


Sandstone - Andrew Taylor
University of Queensland Press
Andrew Taylor's poems in Sandstone are intimate and meditative. With sea and sand as his muse he reflects on past experiences, family relationships and contemporary society.

Historical & Critical Studies

Searching for the Snowy - George Seddon
Allen & Unwin
George Seddon's Searching for the Snowy, is a highly readable account of a physical and intellectual exploration of the natural and social world of the Snowy River.

Children's & Young Adult's Books

Radical Take-offs - Glyn Parry
Allen & Unwin
See notes for Premier's Prize

Special Award

Plants of the Perth Coast and Islands - Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland
University of WA Press
Elizabeth Rippey and Barbara Rowland's Plants of the Perth Coast and Islands is a superb combination of scientific exactitude and artistic creativity. It is a wonderful resource book and delightful companion to keep in hand when walking along the western beaches.

GIO Australia - Perth Theatre Trust Script Award

Whispering Demons - Heather Nimmo
Perth Theatre Company
Heather Nimmo's Whispering Demons is a finely tuned, well crafted script. It deals with conflicts between situation and personal aspirations in a contemporary setting.

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