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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1996

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1996 Winners

Premier's Prize

Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance - Banjo Woorunmurra & Howard Pedersen
Magabala Books
Banjo Woorunmurra and Howard Pedersen's Jandamarra represents a unique collaboration between the traditional custodian of a major episode in Aboriginal-white relations in Western Australia and an academically trained historian, and as such provides a pioneering model for Australian historians. It draws on research from many sources, and while expressing a firmly stated point of view is careful in its use of evidence.

Fiction (Joint Winners)

The Lighthouse Spark - Heather Grace
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Heather Grace's The Lighthouse Spark is a convincing work which makes sense of the past without sentimentality or nostalgia. It is written in a fine clear style which is alert to visual and sensory impressions.

City of Light - Dave Warner
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Dave Warner's City of Light adapts the genre of crime fiction to local conditions, showing a remarkable imaginative understanding of complex power play and the interaction between sporting, political and police circles. The style is crisp, amusing and full of impact.


Collected Poems - Dorothy Hewett
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Dorothy Hewett's Collected Poems brings together a substantial and remarkably varied body of work spanning more than half a century's commitment to a neo-Romantic conception of poetry.

Historical & Critical Studies

Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance - Banjo Woorunmurra & Howard Pedersen
Magabala Books
See notes for Premier's Prize

Children's & Young Adult's Books

Idjhil - Helen Bell
University of Western Australia Press
In Idjhil, Helen Bell's poetic prose and disturbingly haunting pastels combine to produce a powerful portrayal of Idjhil's life among the Nyungar people of the Swan Valley until, at the age of 9, he is taken away by the white authorities. The gentle pace and calm voice of the narrative, together with a potent refrain about the people and the land, are most distinctive. This is a strong yet understated and timely book.

Special Award

The Kimberley - A journey through Northwest Australia - Mike Leonard
CIS Cardigan Street Publishers
Mike Leonard's The Kimberley - A Journey through Northwest Australia is a book of superb and precise photographs presented with the highest standards of production.

GIO Australia - Perth Theatre Trust Script Award

Culture Clash - Sarah Rossetti
Rosenbaum Whitbread
Sarah Rossetti's Culture Clash is a polished and professional script about the conservation of land and culture which is pitched with great accuracy at its intended audience.

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