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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 1998 Shortlist 


The Drowning Dream - Peter Burke
On the Edge of Red - Jo Dutton
Going Inland - Pat Jacobs
Proudflesh - Deborah Robertson


The Hunt - John Kinsella
New and Selected Poems - Philip Salom
These Glimpsed Interiors - Ian Templeman
The Gatekeeper's Wife - Fay Zwicky

Dymock's City Store Young Adult's Award

The Big Game - Wendy Jenkins
Red Hugh - Deborah Lisson
A Dark Winter - Dave Luckett

Children's Books

Desert Dog - Pat Lowe & Jimmy Pike
The Playground - Shaun Tan
Blueback: A Fable For All Ages - Tim Winton
The Deep - Tim Winton & Karen Louise


My Vicious Angel - Christine Evans
Milk and Honey - Ingle Knight
King Hit - Geoffrey Narkle & David Milroy

Historical & Critical Studies

Our State of Mind: Racial Planning and the Stolen Generations - Quentin Beresford & Paul Omaji
Ripples on a Cosmic Sea - David Blair & Geoff McNamara
South of My Days: A Biography of Judith Wright - Veronica Brady
Island Nation: A History of Australians and the Sea - Frank Broeze
Performance Anxieties: Re-producing Masculinity - David Buchbinder
Orphans of the Empire - Alan Gill
Women in Early Modern England 1550 - 1720 - Sara Mendelson & Patricia Crawford
Dealing with Alcohol : Indigenous usage in Australia, New Zealand and Canada - Sherry Saggers & Dennis Gray
A Life on the Ocean Wave - Pamela Statham & Rica Erickson


Creating Australia: Changing Australian History - Geoffrey Bolton & Wayne Hudson
Broken Bangles - Hanifa Deen
The Boab Tree - Pat Lowe
Jimmy and Pat Meet the Queen - Pat Lowe & Jimmy Pike
Pomegranate Season - Carolyn Polizzotto
Karina has Down Syndrome - Cheryl Rogers & Gun Dolva


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