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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2000 Shortlist


Skeleton in the Cupboard - Nigel Gray
An Accommodating Spouse - Elizabeth Jolley
The Australian Fiancé - Simone Lazaroo


Ashes to Water - Alec Choate
Wheatlands - Dorothy Hewett & John Kinsella
Each Clear Night - Marcella Polain
Parochial - Mark Reid
An Incomplete Memoir - Ian Templeman

Dymock's Hay Street Mall Store Young Adult's Award

The Hidden - Ron Bunney
The Darkness - Anthony Eaton
The Lost Thing - Shaun Tan

Children's Books

Bardi Counting Book - Lucy Dann & Francine Riches
Rhianna and the Wild Magic - Dave Luckett
Sage's Ark - Felicity Marshall
Zarconi's Magic Flying Fish - Kirsty Murray


Anything but Ordinary: the Nine Lives of Cecile - Cécile Dorward & Ron Davidson
The Shark Net: Memories and Murder - Robert Drewe
Into the Wadi - Michèle Drouart
Broken Circles: Fragmenting Indigenous Families 1800 - 2000 - Anna Haebich
Field Guide to Australian Birds - Michael Morcombe
Craft for a Dry Lake - Kim Mahood
Australian Rushes: Biology, Identification and Conservation of Restionaceae and Allied Families - Kathy Meney, John Pate & Ellen Hickman
Between Devotion and Design: the Architecture of John Cyril Hawes 1876-1956 - John Taylor
Down to Earth: Australian Landscapes - Richard Woldendorp & Tim Winton

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