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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2001 Shortlist


A Baker's Dozen - Dorothy Hewett
An Innocent Gentleman - Elizabeth Jolley
Undertow - Nicole Lobry de Bruyn
Gilgamesh - Joan London
Dirt Music - Tim Winton

A Baker's Dozen - Dorothy HewettAn Innocent Gentleman thumbnailUndertow - Nicole Lobry de BruynGilgamesh - Joan LondonDirt Music - Tim Winton


Halfway Up the Mountain - Dorothy Hewett 
The Hierarchy of Sheep - John Kinsella
Götterdämmerung Café - Andrew Taylor


Young Adult's Books

A New Kind of Dreaming- Anthony Eaton 
Obsession - Julia Lawrinson
Boys' Stuff - Wayne Martino & Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli


Children's Books

Cry of the Karri - Errol Broome
The  Real Facts of Life - Geoff Havel
The Yankee Whaler - Deborah Lisson
The Red Tree - Shaun Tan



The Messenger - Robert Jeffreys
Confessions of a Headhunter - Sally Riley & Archie Weller
Windows - Hellie Turner
Aliwa - Dallas Winmar

jeffreyswellerturner winmar


The White Divers of  Broome - John Bailey
The Salinity Crisis - Quentin Beresford, Hugo Bekle, Harry Phillips & Jane Mulcock
The Man from the Sunrise Side - Ambrose Chalarimeri
Mission Girls - Christine Choo
Blue China - Jan Gothard
We'll be Married in Fremantle - Julie Goyder
Paper Nation - Tony Hughes-D'Aeth
Milk and Honey - But No Gold - Nonja Peters



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