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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2004 Shortlist


Sixty Lights - Gail Jones
(Random House Australia)

Toccata and Rain - Philip Salom
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

The Turning - Tim Winton
(Pan Macmillan)


Focusing Saturn - Michael Heald
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

Fontanelle - Andrew Lansdown
(Five Islands Press)

Against Certain Capture - Miriam Wei Wei Lo
(Five Islands Press)


Young Adult's Books

Fireshadow - Anthony Eaton
(University of Queensland Press) 

The Fur - Nathan Hobby
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

The Last Muster - Leonie Norrington
(Omnibus Books) 


Children's Books

A Home for Bilby - Joanne Crawford & Grace Fielding
(Magabala Books)

Black Earth - Elaine Forrestal
(Puffin Books (Penguin)

The Call of the Osprey - Norman Jorgensen & Brian Harrison-Lever
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)
Corroboree - Suzanne Kelly, Angus Wallam & Norma MacDonald
(Cygnet Books (University of Western Australia Press))


The Chatroom - Reg Cribb
(Perth Theatre Company)

Two Episodes of "Foreign Exchange" - John Rapsey
(Magma Films/Southern Star Entertainment)

Yandy - Jolly Read
(Black Swan Theatre Company)


*West Australian History Award

Behind the Play - Anthony Barker
(West Australian Football Commission)

House to House - David Black & Phillip Pendal
(Parliament of Western Australia)

A Dream of Passion - David Hough
(His Majesty's Theatre Foundation) 

Midland Railway Workshops - Nic Ellis & Chris Smyth
(West Australian Newspapers) 
* These books are also considered short listed for the Non-fiction Award 



Conversations with the Constitution - Greg Craven
(University of New South Wales Press)

The Boonah Tragedy - Ian McNeill Darroch
(Access Press) 

Redbill - Kate Lance
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

Odilo Globocnik - Hitler's Man in the East - Joseph Poprzeczny
(McFarland & Co.)

Two Sisters: Ngarta and Jukuna - Ngarta Jinny Bent, Jukuna Mona Chuguna, Pat Lowe & Eirlys Richards
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)
A Jury of Whose Peers? - Sandy Toussaint & Kate Auty
(University of Western Australia Press)


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