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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2005 Shortlist


Man of Water - Chris McLEOD
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)
A New Map of the Universe - Annabel SMITH
(University of Western Australia Press)
Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living - Carrie TIFFANY

Road Story - Julienne VAN LOON
(Allen & Unwin)



The New Arcadia - John KINSELLA
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

Glassmaker - Shane McCAULEY
(Sunline Press)

Blister Pack - David McCOOEY
(Salt Publishing)

The Paradoxes of Water : Selected and New Poems, 1970-2005 - Rod MORAN
(Salt Publishing)


Children’s Books

Where’s Stripey? - Wendy BINKS
(Stunned Emu Press)

The Reef - David CADDY
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

Rodeo Darcy - Alison GREGORY and Mark WILSON (Illustrator)
(Cygnet Books (University of Western Australia Press))

The Big Picture Book : See Life on Earth Unfolding Through Time - John LONG, Illustrations by Brian CHOO, and maps by Sergei PISAREVSKY
(Allen & Unwin) 


Young Adult’s Books

Nightpeople - Anthony EATON
(University of Queensland Press) 

With Lots of Love From Georgia - Brigid LOWRY
(Allen & Unwin)

A Prayer for Blue Delaney - Kirsty MURRAY
(Allen & Unwin)



Last Train to Freo - Reg Cribb
(Sue Taylor Media)

Shiba Lane - Russell John ROBERTS
(Broome Civic Centre/Pearl Theatre Company)

The Haunting - an episode of The Sleepover Club - Series 2 - Sarah ROSSETTI
(Southern Star Entertainment Pty Ltd)

*West Australian History Award

Cleared Out: First Contact in the Western Desert - Sue DAVENPORT, Peter JOHNSON and YUWALI
(Aboriginal Studies Press for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies)

The Scarlet Mile : a Social History of Prostitution in Kalgoorlie, 1894-2004 - Elaine McKEWON
(University of Western Australia Press) 

Kayang & Me - Kim SCOTT and Hazel BROWN
(Fremantle Arts Press) 

Western Australian Exploration. Vol.I 1826-1835 - The Western Australian Explorers' Project Diaries Committee
(Hesperian Press [in conjunction with Department of Land Information])
* These books are also considered short listed for the Non-fiction Award 



Mussolini’s Italy: Life Under the Dictatorship 1915-1945 - Richard BOSWORTH
(Allen Lane/Penguin)

Ernest Hodgkin’s Swanland: Estuaries and Coastal Lagoons of South-western Australia - Anne BREARLEY
(University of Western Australia Press for the Ernest Hodgkin Trust for Estuary Education and Research and National Trust of Australia (WA)) 

Seeking the Sydney: a Quest for Truth - Glenys McDONALD
(University of Western Australia Press)

Soul of the Desert - Philippa NIKULINSKY and Stephen D HOPPER
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)

Rene Baker file #28/E.D.P. - Rene POWELL and Bernadette KENNEDY
(Fremantle Arts Centre Press)


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