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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2006 Shortlist

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2006 Shortlist


Marion May Campbell - Shadow Thief
Pandanus Books
Gail Jones - Dreams of Speaking
Simone Lazaroo - The Travel Writer
Deborah Robertson - Careless
Mike Williams - The Music of Dunes
Fremantle Arts Centre Press


Dennis Haskell - All the Time in the World
Salt Publishing
John Kinsella - Sacré Coeur: A Salt Tragedy
Vagabond Press

Deanne Leber - Book of Days
Self published
Graeme Miles - Phosphorescence
Fremantle Arts Centre Press

Mark Reid - A Difficult Faith
Fremantle Arts Centre Press


Quentin Beresford - Rob Riley: an Aboriginal Leaderís Quest for Justice
Aboriginal Studies Press
Sally Clarke - In The Space Behind His Eyes: Donald R Stuart
Self published Claverton House
Peter Edwards - Arthur Tange: Last of the Mandarins
Allen & Unwin
Caroline Lurie - Learning to Dance: Elizabeth Jolley, Her Life and Work
Penguin Books
Monique La Fontaine - New Legend: a Story of Law and Culture and the Fight for Self-Determination in the Kimberley
Kimberley Aboriginal Law & Cultural Centre

West Australian History Award

J.M.R Cameron(ed) - The Millendon Memoirs. George Fletcher's Western Australian Diaries and Letters, 1830-1841
Hesperian Press

Bobbie Oliver and Patrick Bertola (eds)- The Workshops: A History of the Midland Government Railway Workshops
University of Western Australia Press
Wes Olson - Gallipoli: The Western Australian Story
University of Western Australia Press

Childrenís Books

Raewyn Caisley - Taiís Penguin
Penguin Group Australia
Anthony Eaton - Nathan Nuttboard Family Matters
University of Queensland Press
Joy & Mike Lefroy and Marion Duke(Illustrator) - The Catalpa Escape
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Jan Ormerod - Water Witcher
Little Hare Books
Liliana Stafford and Sophia Zielinski (Illustrator) - The Shy Mala
Windy Hollow Books
Shaun Tan - The Arrival
Hachette Livre Australia


Young Adultís Books

Diana Chase - No More Borders For Josef
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Julia Lawrinson - Bye, Beautiful
Penguin Group Australia
Julia Lawrinson - Suburban Freak Show
Hachette Livre Australia
Kate McCaffrey - Destroying Avalon
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Katy Watson-Kell - Mamaís Trippiní
Fremantle Arts Centre Press


John Aitken - The Ships Pass Quietly
Blue Room - Prickly Pear Ensemble
Melissa Cantwell - Marmalade and Egg
Perth Theatre Company

Sarah Rossetti - Lockie Leonard: Pure Poetry
RB Films

Hellie Turner - Sardines
Tropic Sun Theatre Queensland

Ian Wilding - The Carnivores
Black Swan Theatre Company 


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