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Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2012 Shortlist

Western Australian Premier's Book Awards - 2012 Shortlist

Children’s Literature

Australian Backyard Naturalist - Peter Macinnis (National Library of Australia)
Pookie Aleera Is Not My Boyfriend - Steven Herrick  (University of Queensland Press)
Sophie Scott Goes South - Alison Lester (Penguin Group Australia)
The Coat - Julie Hunt, Illustrated by Ron Brooks (Allen & Unwin)  
The Terrible Suitcase - Emma Allen, Illustrated by Freya Blackwood (Omnibus Books)
Tanglewood - Margaret Wild, Illustrated by Vivienne Goodman (Omnibus Books)

Childrens-Lit_Australian-Backyard-Naturalist Childrens-Lit_Pookie-Aleera-is-Not-My-Boyfriend Childrens-Lit_Sophie-Scott-Goes-South Childrens-Lit_The-Coat Childrens-Lit_The-Terrible-Suitcase_300DPI Childrens-Lit_Tanglewood


Certain Fathoms - Bonny Cassidy (Puncher & Wattmann)
Asymmetry - Aidan Coleman (Brandl & Schlesinger)
Cumulus - Robert Gray (John Leonard Press)
Darger: his girls - Julie Chevalier (Puncher & Wattmann)
Collusion - Brook Emery (John Leonard Press)
Crimson Crop - Peter Rose (UWA Publishing)

Poetry_Certain-Fathoms Poetry_Asymmetry Poetry_Cumulus Poetry_Darger-His-Girls Poetry_-Crimson-Crop

Young Adult

A Corner of White - Jaclyn Moriarty (Pan Macmillan Australia)
Friday Brown - Vikki Wakefield (Text Publishing)
Sea Hearts - Margo Lanagan (Allen & Unwin)
Fog a Dox - Bruce Pascoe (Magabala Books)
Night Beach - Kirsty Eagar (Penguin Group Australia)
The Ink Bridge - Neil Grant (Allen & Unwin)

Young-Adult_A-Corner-of-White Young-Adult_Friday-Brown Young-Adult_Sea-Hearts Young-Adult_Fog-a-Dox Young-Adult_Night-Beach Young-Adult_The-Ink-Bridge


Mabo - Sue Smith  (Blackfella Films)
Happy Ending  - Melissa Reeves (Melbourne Theatre Company)
Fearless -  Mirra Todd (Currency Press)
The Fremantle Candidate - Ingle Knight  (Prickly Pear Playscripts)
Medea - Kate Mulvany & Anne-Louise Sarks (Belvoir Street Theatre)
Barassi - Tee O’Neill  (Currency Press)

Scripts_Fearless Scripts_The-Fremantle-Candidate

Digital Narrative

My Planets Reunion Memoir - David P Reiter (Interactive Publications)
The Box that Changed Bea’s Life - Lana Young
My Planets Reunion Memoir


Montebello - Robert Drewe (Penguin Group Australia)
The Mind of a Thief - Patti Miller  (University of Queensland Press)
Earth Wars: The Battle for Global Resources - Geoff Hiscock (John Wiley & Sons)
Mr JW Lewin, Painter & Naturalist - Richard Neville (New South Publishing)
Exile: The Lives and Hopes of Werner Pelz - Roger Averill (Transit Lounge)
Sandakan - Paul Ham (Random House Australia)

Non-fiction-_Montebello Non-fiction_The-Mind-of-a-Thief Non-fiction_Earth-Wars Non-fiction_Mr-JW-LewinNon-fiction_Exile Non-fiction_Sandakan

WA History

Kurlumarniny: We Come from the Desert (Aboriginal Studies Press)
Shipwrecks of Australia's West Coast - Michael McCarthy (ed) (Western Australian Museum)
Guy Grey-Smith:  Life Force - Andrew Gaynor  (UWA Publishing)
True North - Brenda Niall (Text Publishing)
110° in the Waterbag - Lenore Layman and Criena Fitzgerald (eds) (Western Australian Museum)
Voices from the West End - Paul Longley Arthur and Geoffrey Bolton (eds)    (Western Australian Museum) 
WA-History_Shipwrecks  WA-History_Guy-Grey-SmithWA-History_True-North WA-History_110-in-the-Waterbag WA-History_Voices-from-the-West-End

Highly Commended:

Beyond Matta Gerup: a history of Victoria Park - Susannah Thompson (Brown Cow Design)


The Voyage - Murray Bail (Text Publishing)
The Conversation - David Brooks (University of Queensland Press)
Questions of Travel - Michelle de Kretser (Allen & Unwin)
The Meaning of Grace - Deborah Forster (Random House Australia)
The Mountain - Drusilla Modjeska  (Random House Australia)
Mateship with Birds - Carrie Tiffany (Pan Macmillan Australia)

Murray-Bail_The-Voyage_Low-Res David-Brooks_The-Conversation_Low-Res Michelle-De-Kretser_Questions-of-Travel_Low-Res Deborah-Forster_The-Meaning-of-Grace_Low-Res Drusilla-Modjeska_The-Mountain_Low-ResCarrie-Tiffany_Mateship-with-Birds_Low-Res


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