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Hall of Fame - Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett

Dorothy Hewett (21 May 1923 25 August 2002) began writing poetry as a child in Perth and was first published in a literary journal at the age of 17. At 22, she won a national poetry prize.

Dorothy Hewett has published twelve collections of poetry, three novels and thirteen plays, as well as many articles and short stories. She was writer-in-residence at eight Australian universities and her other residencies have included one at Rollins College, Florida, USA. She was awarded eight fellowships by the Literature Board of the Australia Council and a lifetime Emeritus Fellowship from the Literature Board. She received the Order of Australia Medal for Services to Literature, and an Australian Artist's Creative Fellowship.

Dorothy Hewett spent her last years in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney with her husband, writer Merv Lilley.

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