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Willem de Vlamingh

In January 1697 Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh explored and named the Swan River, commenting on the shallow flats:

"Our men had to leave the boats to push the same, rounding a corner we found the end of the river which divides itself into many veins, [so] that we could not proceed any more." [7]

This party also saw many swan and fish, footprints, fires and huts, but did not meet any Indigenous people:

"All around we saw several footsteps and the impression of a hand on the sand, and marks of the thumb and fingers showing plainly that it was done not long ago. Proceeding further we found a fire which had just been lighted, and three small huts … Towards noon we could not go any further … we decided to return, having already ascended the river for six or seven miles without having seen anything of importance." [8]

These descriptions did little to awaken Dutch government interest in settlement.

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